We have, over the Spring Break, developed SOUL – Shawnigan Online Unique Learning:
its name a challenge to the possible soullessness of online and remote education.
It is exciting to be stepping into a virtual term with the launch of SOUL, a program which delivers curriculum, pastoral care, Shawnigan engagement, spiritual guidance and much more.
We shall be lighting virtual fires and our SOUL logo, as you will see above, speaks to this.
“Education Is Not the Filling of a Pail, But the Lighting of a Fire” ~ Irish Poet, WB Yeats

Shawnigan Online Unique Learning (SOUL)

The strength of the Shawnigan community is just that: Community. Therefore, the number one objective of SOUL is for us to continue to build and nurture our beloved community. As our Head Larry Lamont says: “We shall navigate the waters ahead with compassion, enthusiasm, optimism, good humour, the Shawnigan spirit – and, most of all, together.”

The SOUL Handbook is designed to help students, parents and teachers transition to a new form of learning. While our campus may be closed, the School is still open, and we are developing a program that continues to represent our Shawnigan mission and values in an online environment. Conversation, Compassion, Community and Courage will be key in the weeks, and possibly months, ahead.
We acknowledge with respect the Coast Salish Peoples on whose traditional lands and waterways we live, learn and play. We are grateful for the opportunity to share in this beautiful region, and we aspire to healthy and respectful relationships with those who have lived on and cared for these lands for millennia.