SOUL Seeking: Podcast

In lieu of a regular Spring Break, Shawnigan students enjoyed a two-week relaxed schedule to build in time to breathe and enjoy some creativity. Earmarked as an opportunity to focus on SOUL Seeking projects—year-long, student-led learning projects that will culminate in a presentation—these two weeks saw a number of diverse, imaginative student projects take a leap forward in terms of research, discovery and design.
What started out as a shared interest in podcasting and participation in the co-curricular Podcasting 360, grew into an innovative SOUL Seeking pursuit when Grade 12s Dominic P., Johnathon S., Seamus D., Matthew S., and Finn R. and Grade 11 Jimi A. set out to create the Stag Report, an Instagram-hosted video podcast about life and events happening at Shawnigan.

Each contributor has a role within the team that has allowed them to build on knowledge they had already gained from Podcasting 360 while developing new skills: Dominic is the scriptwriter, Johnathan is the video editor, Seamus coordinates a regular Prefect segment, Jimi is the cameraman, and Matt and Finn are the co-hosts.

“We try to make it as timely as possible,” says Dominic, referencing previous podcasts themed around Christmas and the Lunar New Year. They’ve even created their own mockumentary episode called “Inside the Stag Report,” which was featured in Chapel, with fellow Grade 12 student Jasmine B. stepping behind the camera.

The crew credit original Podcasting 360 instructor Tom Lupton (Director of Teaching and Learning) and current Podcasting instructor Kim Edgson (English, ELL) for providing them with inspiration, encouragement, and creative freedom. “It’s been a sense of trust that has let us move forward confidently with the Report,” shares Dominic. “We do consult if we come across any grey areas but otherwise we have freedom.”

The best thing about having a shared SOUL Seeking project, accordingly to the group, has been enjoying working together and having fun with friends as their time at Shawnigan draws to a close. And with three or four more episodes planned before the end of term, the team are clear that they are leaving the Stag Report as their legacy, having had lots of interest from Grade 11 students keen to take up the baton where the original creators will leave off. “We want it to continue for years to come,” Johnathan explains.

Stay tuned to Shawnigan’s Instagram feed for upcoming Stag Report takeovers.

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