SOUL Seeking Finalist Feature: Sharmonie P.

Shawnigan students have been working hard all year on their SOUL Seeking inquiry projects. Following two days of science fair-style presentations, 16 finalists were announced, with the top three projects chosen after final presentations were made to a panel of judges. Over the next few weeks, we will feature each of these outstanding finalists. Congratulations to all students on another wonderful year of SOUL Seeking!
Grade 10 student Sharmonie P. knew when she embarked on her SOUL Seeking project that it would be based around her passion and desire to help others. It was through this desire to help others and her love of baking that an idea formed: how could she start a cookie business that is profitable, with all profits going to a charitable organization? It was from this guiding question that her cookie business, “Sharm’s Cookies,” was created! She went to work baking her own cookies and sold them around the School, including at Duke’s Cafe, with big plans for the profits.
The cause she chose to donate to is not only relevant right now, but hits close to home for her. She selected the Prince Rupert Refugee Support Group, an organization in her hometown that is working to bring Ukrainian refugees to Canada. To date, her donations have reached $624.14 and counting. They will be combined with other donations the organization has received and will help in the purchase of plane tickets to bring the refugees to Canada as well as food and shelter upon their arrival. The timeliness of her donation could not have been better as their arrival is expected sometime this week!
As she looks to the future, Sharmonie hopes she can expand on her cookie production and get more help so that she can increase her profits and provide donations to other organizations close to her heart. She has learned from her experience that she can take something she is passionate about, like baking, and turn it into a means of helping those in need.
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