Welcome to Shawnigan!

I hope that your visit to these pages will lead you to visit us in real time and meet the very real people who combine to create this unique school community.

Yes, we are blessed with a stunning setting and outstanding facilities of every sort, but it is very much the wholesome, productive human interactions that make Shawnigan Lake School the inspiring place that it is. Connection and meaningful relationships are at the heart of a complete education and Shawnigan prizes those elements very highly indeed.

Everything that we do, from our absolute focus on boarding to our wide-ranging emphasis on the building of community, is designed to create a sense of belonging and a never-ending exploration of the world of solid values and respectful behavior. Fourteen times a week, for example, we are all in the same place at the same time, hearing, seeing and experiencing the same shared moments.

Our culture is one of respect in every single aspect of what we do from the way we use our technology to the courtesy and manners that color our whole approach to every interaction. You have to feel it to appreciate fully! Please don’t hesitate to come and see for yourself why there is such an emphasis on the overall ‘way of being’ of all who live and work here.
It’s the person you become that will be our legacy to you.

As we are fond of saying, “The character you build, is yours forever.”
— David Robertson, Headmaster

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Shawnigan Lake School is an independent boarding school for Grades 8-12 on Canada's West Coast. Our modern, diverse and innovative programming helps shape the next generation of global leaders.