Diversity, Inclusion, Belonging

"How to make a dream come true: Don't focus on the dream, or it will always remain a dream. Instead, focus on the first action you can take to bring that dream a little closer. Then take it. Now focus on the next action, and the next , and take that. Each step brings the dream closer to becoming reality. Why? Our elders teach that the dream world and the real world operate on the same energy. You link them through the power of choice. Choose action and the dream moves ever closer to the real."

— Richard Wagamese, Canadian Author and Journalist
Shawnigan Lake School is committed—in its pursuit of Project Future (academic excellence, co-curricular distinction, student life unparalleled)—to equality of opportunity and to a proactive and inclusive approach to equality, which supports and encourages all under-represented groups, promotes an inclusive culture, and values diversity.

Shawnigan is a school with students of varied backgrounds. This deliberate diversity of languages, customs, and cultures brings opportunities to: 

    • open lines of communication
    • break down barriers and prejudices
    • learn from and better understand one another
    • create a welcoming home for our diverse student and staff community

Diversity, inclusion and belonging are things that the Chair of our Board of Governors Fiona Macfarlane and I care deeply about, both professionally and personally. We will ensure they are built into Shawnigan’s future, from our everyday interactions to our strategic planning. We want Shawnigan to develop a reputation for being a welcoming and supportive school for students and staff of all backgrounds and to be a respected leader in developing diversity and fostering inclusion and a sense of belonging.

We must all continue to bring forward new approaches to Shawnigan’s enduring commitment to diversity, inclusion, equity and social justice. As always, we value the expertise and contributions of our greater community.  If you have access to any educational resources and / or recommendations that you would like to share in order to forge an even better and stronger future for our School, please connect with the Head’s Office at
--Headmaster Lamont

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  • The Diversity Inclusion Belonging Steering Group

    Our commitment at Shawnigan is to develop and embed cultural competency, equity & social justice with a long-term strategic approach. The Diversity Inclusion Belonging Steering Group was established in September 2020 and brings together representatives from the Board of Governors, Senior Leadership Team, staff, students, and alumni. The group will also benefit from the external consultant expertise of Alden E. Habacon, Diversity & Inclusion Strategist and Senior Advisor for Intercultural Understanding for the University of British Columbia.

    As part of its mandate, this steering group will look, for example, to broaden access to Shawnigan for under-represented populations, create and support a deliberately diverse student body, deliver a level playing field for all, diversify our recruitment of staff, ensure our curriculum delivery reflects diverse perspectives, enhance diversity training, set measurable diversity goals, celebrate diversity in all its forms – and establish an action plan for this year and beyond.”
    —Headmaster Lamont

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Shawnigan Lake School is an independent co-educational boarding school for ages 13 –18 on Canada’s beautiful West Coast. Our diverse, interdisciplinary and innovative programming helps shape the next generation of global leaders.