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    Alumni Relations

    When you become a part of Shawnigan, Shawnigan becomes a part of you.
    We take these words seriously. Every man and woman who has experienced a Shawnigan education knows the impact that the years spent on campus has on the rest of their lives. Friendships forged on campus last lifetimes, and the morals imbued and character built through interactions with staff and other adults endure long after graduation.
    Return to Your Roots
    There is no better way to rekindle your passion for your old school than by coming back for a visit! Shawnigan strongly encourages all members of our community to make the trip back to the School to see how things have changed since the time you graduated. The changes will be pretty dramatic if it’s been several years since your last time on campus, but even if it’s only been a year or two, you might be surprised at how little you recognize!

    Visits to Shawnigan during the school year are particularly encouraged because it will allow you to absorb the flavour of today’s school. Although the campus may look very different from the one you remember, you will find that the young men and women that make up the School’s student body are of as high a calibre as at any time in Shawnigan’s history.

    If you are planning a trip to Shawnigan, please let us know! We’d love the opportunity to show you around and catch up.
    "Even though I didn't recognize most of the buildings, Shawnigan is as alive and vibrant as ever. The staff and students made me feel so welcome. An amazing experience." —Shawnigan alumnus, Class of 1975
    Alumni Relations
    Roland Borsato
    Director of Alumni Relations
    Grad Year: 1972

    Marlese Plater
    Advancement Associate