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The stories of our alumni and their post-Shawnigan journey are varied, and we are thrilled to share a few of them with you through our Shawnigan Alumni Profiles. The profiles are conducted on an ongoing basis with the Alumni Engagement Team, and are communicated through our Shawnigan Connect Alumni Digest.

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Alumni News

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  • Alumni Notebook - Nov 2023

    Founder's Day 2023

    The School was honoured to welcome alumni back for a weekend filled with celebration and reconnection with past classmates and staff.

    Alumni are the heartbeat of the Shawnigan community, and we couldn't be more grateful to spend this time with all of you. As shared by Niko Zorkin ’73 (Lonsdale’s) during his Chapel address:

    “As I look around, I am reminded of the countless lessons my classmates and I learned within the School walls, the friendships that withstood the test of time, and the dreams that were ignited right here.”

    We are delighted that the Class of 1973 has chosen to mark its fiftieth reunion by establishing the Class of '73 Zenith Scholarship Fund to support access to the School for a deserving student, following in the footsteps of the Class of 1972, which established a similar scholarship last year. 

    To read the full Founder's Day story, click here.

    Sign into Shawnigan Connect to see photos from the day and reconnect with fellow alumni.

    Your feedback matters! As we look ahead to our next alumni events, and plan for the next Founder's Day, we would appreciate your feedback on this Founder's Day Survey (regardless of whether or not you attended) to help us further enhance our alumni engagement. Complete the short survey by Thursday, November 30 and be entered to win a $100 Shawnigan Commissary Gift card.
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  • Alumni Notebook - July 2023

    May Golf Event

    In late May, an alumni-organized Golf Meetup was hosted in Vancouver, led by Board Member and alumnus Ed Steidl ’91 (Copeman’s). The event was of a smaller scale than the former Shawnigan Golf Classic but served as a springboard to plan and build the future of alumni golf at Shawnigan.

    On a beautiful Thursday afternoon, alumni along with current and former staff came out for some friendly competition at the University Golf Club. The team of Conor Finucane ’00 (Copeman’s), Giuseppe Laudisio ’99 (Copeman’s), Gianni Laudisio ’01 (Duxbury) won the golden hoodies (in lieu of the traditional gold blazer) with the best score of the day, and the remainder of the evening was spent reconnecting as a group over dinner.

    More photos taken at the event can be found on our alumni online community Shawnigan Connect.

    If you are interested in learning more or serving on an Alumni Golf Committee to help plan and organise future events, please reach out directly to or
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  • Alumni Notebook - April 2023

    Latest Alumni Profiles

    See below for excerpts from two of our latest alumni profiles to be published on the website. Do you know someone who we should be featuring? Let us know here!

    Change-maker Alumni Profile: Lisa Jane De Gara ‘10 (Strathcona)

    This Change-maker Alumni profile features a conversation that took place last year with Lisa Jane De Gara ’10 (Strathcona) who has had a career in political science, has worked with government institutions and in public policy, was a key part of a COVID response effort, and who currently leads a team that provides supports to immigrants and refugees in Northern Alberta communities. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

    "I think on health care, there’s a story I feel quite proud of. One of the communities that we serve has no physicians currently accepting new patients. Not a single one. We went through all the conventional modes of trying to seek support, but unfortunately in rural Alberta right now there just are not enough doctors and there’s not a lot we can do.

    You know, maybe I could credit my time at Shawnigan; I said I’m not gonna take no for an answer, I don’t think that’s acceptable, I’m gonna continue to push. So I reached out to one of our independent providers, and I said, I know you’ve been able to deliver vaccines to newcomers – are you able to do other family medicine? Would you like to drive down for the day just to do a family medicine clinic? Much to my delight, she agreed."

    Read the entirety of the interview here: Change-maker Alumni: Lisa Jane De Gara ‘10 (Strathcona)
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