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The stories of our alumni and their post-Shawnigan journey are varied, and we are thrilled to share a few of them with you through our Shawnigan Alumni Profiles. The profiles are conducted on an ongoing basis with the Alumni Engagement Team, and are communicated through our Shawnigan Connect Alumni Digest.

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Alumni News

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  • Alumni Notebook - April 2022

    Jasmine ‘21 (Kaye’s) & Naokah ‘18 (Renfrew) Bailes

    Alumnae and sisters Naokah ‘18 (Renfrew) and Jasmine ‘21 (Kaye’s) Bailes were recently featured on CBC and in Nunavut News for having both received the Sahtú Renewable Resources Board's environmental studies scholarship, as well as for their respective studies and pursuits related to the Sahtú region in Canada’s Northwest Territories. Congratulations Naokah and Jasmine on receiving this scholarship and for all your hard work!
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  • Alumni Notebook - December 2021

    Founder’s Day - Looking Back

    This past Founder’s Day, we had the opportunity to engage with our alumni online and in person through a combination of virtual programming as well as regional gatherings.

    We kicked off the morning with a live-stream of our signature Founder’s Day Chapel service, which included an address from Harriet (Guard) Klumper ‘09 and a musical presentation by Amelia Macintosh ‘19. The service can be watched in its entirety here:

    Chapel was followed by Virtual Founder’s Day Reunions for those who would have had their reunion years on campus this October. While we were glad to offer this opportunity to reconnect our alumni, we look forward to welcoming back those reunion years ending in ‘1 and ‘0 to our inaugural Summer Reunion 2022 event.

    The cornerstone of alumni engagement is the ability to connect in person, and so we were thrilled that on October 23rd alumni in Victoria, Vancouver, Toronto, Seattle, Washington DC, Celaya, London, Seoul, and Hong Kong met up to celebrate Founder’s Day together. We are particularly grateful to our outstanding Alumni Ambassadors who helped orchestrate these events around the world, without whom none of this would have been possible: Isaac La Roy ‘19 (Victoria), Enza Thanas ‘03 (Vancouver), Hugh Cape ‘08 (Toronto), Ed Steidl ‘91 (Seattle), Reid Dagul ‘11 (Washington, DC), Don Song ‘09 (Seoul, Korea), Justin Leung ‘98 (Hong Kong), Alberto D. Barriga-Carrillo ‘94 (Celaya, Mexico), and Liam McKay ‘15 (London, UK).

    With over 200 alumni registered for these events around the world, we plan to continue these Regional Founder’s Day gatherings in future years alongside our on-campus programming in an ongoing effort to include our global alumni population.

    With a number of Alumni events on the horizon, we encourage you to stay tuned to our alumni social media network and the alumni website for updates. Thank you to all who participated!
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  • Reflections: Rowing Crew of '59

    This started off as a memorial to a schoolmate who passed away last year. I then realized that very little had been written about a signature event in the history of the school and especially for Rowing at SLS. It is hard to believe that this event took place 62 years ago and put SLS on the Rowing map of Canada. I realize that this has been recognized by the school, in particular when the "Spirit of ’59" shell was built by donation with the names of the Crew put on the illustrious Pocock racing shell. A ceremony was held at the school which I was able to attend, tho I believe the boat has now been lost in a fire. I have spent most of my life away from Canada, and have lost contact with the school and with most of my classmates and friends. So to redress this I offer my memory of events in the following memorial and tribute, and to recognize how Shawnigan Lake School and in particular, a very special teacher, Rev R.L. Stephenson, have shaped the lives of all of us in this signature rowing crew.
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