Department contacts

Headmaster's office     Sara Blair sblair@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6206
Main office Lisa Blumer lblumer@shawnigan.ca 250-743-5516
Academics Cindy MacPherson 250-743-6238
Accounting & student billing Heatherann Macintosh hmacintosh@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6452
Admissions Margot Allen admissions@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6207
Advancement Jeannie Brown jabrown@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6235
Arts Morgan McLeod mmcleod@shawnigan.ca 250-743-5516
Athletics Tim Murdy tmurdy@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6265
Commissary & purchasing Jerry Kusters jkusters@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6473
Culinary services James McClellan jmcclellan@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6203
Health Centre Heather Craib hcraib@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6208
IT Steve Beaudry helpdesk@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6240
Maintenance Mary Stack mstack@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6471
Transportation Michelle Rennie transportation@shawnigan.ca 250-743-6217


1975 Renfrew Road
Shawnigan Lake, B.C. V0R 2W1

Phone:    250-743-5516
Fax: 250-743-6200
Shawnigan Lake School is an independent boarding school on Canada's West Coast. Our modern, diverse and innovative programming helps shape the next generation of global leaders.