Graham L. Anderson Award for Alumni Scholars

The Graham L. Anderson Award for Alumni Scholars Fund (previously named the Graham L. Anderson Scholarship Fund) was originally established in 1999 by members of the alumni community in memory of Graham L. Anderson, a long-serving staff member whose dedication spanned 70 years as he lived his life in service of Shawnigan Lake School.  Graham L. Anderson was exceptionally dedicated to the pursuit of education, intellectual curiosity and academic growth, and this fund was created to honour Mr. Anderson’s legacy by supporting alumni as they explore their passions through post-secondary studies.

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  • Purpose of the Fund

    The Graham L. Anderson Award for Alumni Scholars supports Shawnigan Lake School alumni who wish to further their academic pursuits with either an undergraduate, graduate or post-graduate degree at a recognized university, college or educational institution.  Award funds are intended to cover tuition and/or living expenses for the successful applicants.
    Graham L. Anderson Awards for Alumni Scholars are available to applicants once in their post-secondary career and the successful applicants will receive a one-time award of $5,000.
    Graham L. Anderson Awards for Alumni Scholars will be presented to up to two individuals each year.
  • Award Selection Criteria

    Applicants must demonstrate the following:
    • Has graduated or is graduating in good standing from Shawnigan Lake School;
    • Has been accepted or is enrolled at an undergraduate, graduate, or post-graduate program at a recognized post-secondary university, college or educational institution; and
    • Has demonstrated consistent outstanding performance in scholarly pursuits and is expected to continue demonstrating the intellectual curiosity that Graham L. Anderson encouraged in his career as an educator.
    Preference will be given to applicants who:
    • Articulate financial need; and
    • Demonstrate ongoing service and commitment to bettering the wider community.
  • Application Process

    Applications will be accepted each year between April 1st and deadline of May 15th, and should be submitted to  Applications must include:
    • A letter of application addressed to the Head of Shawnigan Lake School, detailing the applicant’s educational background, plans and goals; and
    • Confirmation of acceptance/or enrollment from the applicant’s chosen university, college or educational institution
    A committee including the School’s University Guidance Office, Advancement & Community Engagement Office, and the Head of Shawnigan Lake School, will review the applications and will select successful Graham L. Anderson Alumni Scholar(s) each year. Decisions will be made by June 1st and written confirmation will be sent to the successful candidate(s).
    Successful applicants to the Graham L. Anderson Award for Alumni Scholars will be referred to as Graham L. Anderson Alumni Scholars, and will be asked to:
    • Sign the Founder’s Pledge document committing to one day giving back to support another student with their education;
    • Provide a letter of gratitude to be given to the donors of the fund; and
    • Work with the Advancement and Community Engagement Office as they prepare materials to publicly announce winners of the Graham L. Anderson Scholar Award.
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