Learning Centre

Shawnigan recognizes that all students learn differently and that students who take advantage of additional learning support increase their potential for personal excellence. The Learning Centre enhances the educational experiences for students with learning differences. The LC is staffed by exceptionally talented core learning specialists and subject specialists. We strive to create a positive 21st-century educational environment that will foster learning long after graduation, by accentuating student strengths and addressing student needs.

Our Mission
The Learning Centre at Shawnigan Lake School strives to provide students with the tools needed for academic success. Supporting students who have academic challenges to adopt the skills, strategies and behaviours of resourceful, independent, and committed learners, the LC contributes to the School’s focus on academic achievement, well-roundedness, and pursuance of post-secondary education pathways. We value and foster connection, trust, self-advocacy, resilience, and adaptability.

Our Process
Students at Shawnigan Lake School elect to participate in the LC program for a variety of reasons, including support for learning disabilities, academic difficulties, recovery from injury, illness or prolonged absence, and mental health challenges that interfere with academics, such as anxiety disorders. We are most successful with students who seek out learning support voluntarily, who are motivated to meet their potential, and who are willing to work hard. Each student who enrolls in learning support is assigned a learning support specialist, who monitors progress, communicates with teachers, parents, advisors and House Directors, and maintains the educational plan over the student’s time at Shawnigan.

Support for the General School Community
All Shawnigan students are invited to make use of the resources provided by the Learning Centre. We provide support for the wider school community in the following ways:
  • Students and advisors can make appointments with us during tutorials to discuss and get help for academic challenges.
  • We are available to work with students after school for academic help or executive functioning coaching.
  • Our teachers offer occasional workshops on topics related to learning, such as test-taking anxiety or educational apps, for which all students are invited to sign up.
  • We connect students with academic tutors when a student has demonstrated that more help is needed than the tutorials and drop-in sessions offered by teachers.
  • Additionally, the LC is open to all Shawnigan students on a drop-in basis from 7 to 9 pm Mondays through Thursdays for math and science help.

Learning Centre

List of 4 members.

  • Photo of Kirsi Lupton

    Kirsi Lupton 

    Director of Learning Centre
  • Photo of Jennifer Hutchins

    Jennifer Hutchins 

    Learning Centre Specialist, Grade 8 Program Coordinator
  • Photo of Julie Platt

    Julie Platt 

    Learning Centre, Math Specialist
  • Photo of Chelsea Russell

    Chelsea Russell 

    Assistant House Director - Lonsdale's, Special Education Teacher
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