Covid-19 Pandemic Impact to Class of 2021

In March 2020, Shawnigan Lake School moved to an online educational platform due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Shawnigan Online Unique Learning (SOUL) programming allowed our students to learn in both a synchronous and asynchronous capacity Monday to Friday. Students were able to continue with all the academic courses that they had been studying before the move to SOUL. However due to the international nature of a boarding school, many of our students were scattered around the globe. Though the robust boarding opportunities were lessened, students were still engaged with the community through their respective House’s and athletic teams in new capacities. Not unlike other regions of the world, there were challenges that prevented our students from taking AP, SAT and ACT examinations. The year ended with all students taking part in unique, student directed learning projects in both teams and individually. Grading continued as normal and all students were assigned a final mark based on their cumulative work for the year. For 2020-21, students returned to fully in-person instruction.

University Guidance

Shawnigan's team of guidance counsellors is ready to help students prepare for their post-secondary journeys.

Whether applying to a university or college, a technical school or art program, or planning a gap year or work experience, our team can help navigate the process from beginning to end.

We offer a superior level of service and expertise, including:

  • Student-centred advising
  • University information sessions by visiting representatives
  • Skype interviews with Shawnigan grads currently attending university
  • Appropriate assistance to work through application and admission requirements
  • A Grad Advisory Council offering support as students leave Shawnigan and enter the post-secondary world
  • Regular communication with parents about the application process

University Guidance Updates

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  • Guidance Update November 2020

    Dear Shawnigan parents,
    It has been a very busy fall term here in the Guidance Office. Although it will come as no surprise, the pandemic has also impacted the university admissions process in new and still unknown ways.
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University Guidance Office

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  • Photo of Craig Brown

    Craig Brown 

    Head of Guidance
  • Photo of Alison Dewis

    Alison Dewis 

    University Guidance Counsellor
  • Photo of Hannah Gottfried

    Hannah Gottfried 

    University Guidance Counsellor
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