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  • What is the Annual Fund?

    The Annual Fund is a yearly appeal to the Shawnigan Community — parents, alumni, staff, family and friends — to support excellence in our programs and provide much-needed financial aid through scholarships and bursaries.
  • Shawnigan has a beautiful campus and fantastic facilities — why should I give?

    We are indeed fortunate to have outstanding facilities, most of which have come as a result of generous gifts. As we strive to create opportunities for our students, the need for new facilities endures.

    At the same time, more than 25 percent of our students could not enjoy these fine facilities without your support. Gifts directed toward financial aid ensure that the gates to the School remain open to deserving young people.
  • I already support the School through my child's fees. Are you really asking for more?

    It is no secret that for many parents a Shawnigan education requires great financial sacrifice.

    What you may not know is that the fees you pay do not cover the complete cost of a Shawnigan education. In fact, tuition accounts for only 80 percent of the true cost of a year of enrollment at the School. Gifts to Shawnigan are allocated to areas of need that enhance your child's experience at the School.

    Donations also ensure that deserving students are able to attend Shawnigan regardless of their economic background. The numbers speak for themselves: one in every four students at Shawnigan receives some form of financial aid. Your gift can help support a young person whose family cannot afford the complete cost of our fees. You can make a powerful difference in a student's life.
  • What is the goal of the fund this year?

    While there is no set monetary goal for the Annual Fund, the Advancement Office is committed to increasing both the number of gifts given, and the value of those gifts, on a yearly basis. To reach this goal we will need support both from large donors and a significant number of people whose gifts may seem small, but together make a significant difference.
  • Can I direct my gift?

    You certainly can! Many people choose to contribute an unrestricted gift to the Headmaster's Fund that is used in the area of greatest need as directed by the Headmaster. A great number of people also choose to direct their gift to an area of the School that they feel passionately about.
  • I can't afford much — will my gift really help?

    Absolutely! Large gifts are needed if we are to reach our goal, but the majority of gifts given are less than $500.

    You can also give through pre-authorized charges to your credit card. In that way a small gift can grow over time. Consider a $25 per month gift on your credit card: in one year it would grow to a $300 gift — enough to purchase a needed piece of sporting equipment or support a student going on a school trip or tour.

    If only ten people did this there would be enough money to offer a significant bursary to a day student.

    If one hundred people did it, it would cover the full cost of tuition for a boarding student.

    Your gift, whatever the size, also makes a powerful statement about your support for the School. If you or your children received financial support while at Shawnigan it would be a wonderful gift to share what you can afford with another student today as a way of “giving back.”
  • Do I get a tax receipt?

    Tax receipts can be issued for gifts from Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. Of course, gifts from all over the world are still gratefully accepted.

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    Michael Wolfe 

    Executive Director Advancement & Community Engagement
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    Greg Stevenson 

    Campaign Director
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    Rhodri Samuel 

    Director of Alumni Relations
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    Joanna Robinson 

    Director of Development
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    Sheryl Nicholas 

    Associate Director, Advancement & Community Engagement
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    Gemma Atkinson 

    Associate Director, Annual Fund & Data Management
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    Erin Hutchison 

    Advancement Coordinator
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