Financial Aid

Exceptional students are deserving of a Shawnigan education regardless of financial means

— Founder C.W. Lonsdale's vision for Shawnigan Lake School

Founder's Awards (Financial Aid)

At Shawnigan, bringing the most promising students to campus for a co-educational experience that forges them intellectually, socially and personally — no matter their background — is the core of our mission. Our need-based financial aid program ensures that Shawnigan remains within reach for every extraordinary student, and as such is an expression of our community’s most enduring values.

In keeping with the vision of C.W. Lonsdale, financial aid is now known as Founder’s Awards.

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  • The History of Founder’s Awards

    Our founder, C.W. Lonsdale, believed that exceptional students are deserving of a Shawnigan education regardless of financial means. To honour this vision, we have renamed our financial aid commitment as Founder’s Awards.

    Today, more than 30% of families receive a Founder's Award. Upon receiving an award, students and their families commit to share in the financial responsibility for their education by pledging to pay it forward for another Shawnigan student in the future.
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  • Founder's Award Policy

    Shawnigan Lake School strives to provide an environment rich in diversity, one of our core values, as an important aspect of educating young people for an increasingly global world. The School has determined that financial aid is an important tool in developing and maintaining a deliberately diverse student population. Access is available to support students with varying socio-economic backgrounds. Founder's Awards are dispersed based upon demonstrated financial need, to provide access and diversity, and to support those families currently enrolled who are experiencing temporary hardship.

    Founder's Awards are decided on by a committee (The Founder’s Committee) and based upon an evaluation of each individual situation through an external assessment partner (FAST Aid). Awards will be based primarily upon a family’s unique financial situation. Other factors considered may include the student's academic performance, the student's character, and consideration of the greater community.
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  • Founder's Award Code of Conduct

    Our School purpose is to ‘Inspire the best in each to create the best for all’ and our mission is to ‘spark minds, kindle hearts, forge futures’.

    The following is a set of guiding principles used by the Financial Aid Committee:

    • Financial aid is one way in which Shawnigan supports families drawn to the purpose and mission of the School;
    • Shawnigan provides financial aid on a needs-basis;
    • Shawnigan determines need through an external assessment process that is equitable for all applicants;
    • Shawnigan does not manipulate that process to the advantage of one applicant over another;
    • Shawnigan does not use financial aid to compete with other schools.
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