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  • 5 Year Dinner

    Following the Shawnigan Journey from Grade 8 through to Grade 12 is an experience like no other. Students who complete all five years at the School develop unique relationships with each other and with the School in general.
    Every year, the students who started at Shawnigan in Grade 8 and remained here through to graduation are celebrated with the 5 Year Dinner, hosted in the back gardens of the Head’s House.
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  • Adventures Beyond the Gates

    The Grade 9s who took part in the Beyond the Gates Capstone Expedition to the West Coast of Vancouver Island surprised even themselves with what they were able to accomplish, and made life-long memories on the trip that combined epic kayaking and hiking adventures.
    Twenty-three students – nearly three times as many as last year – participated in the event, which marks the conclusion of this year’s Beyond the Gates experiential learning program that takes Grade 9s off campus for adventures across Vancouver Island so they can get to know more about the incredible area where we live and learn.
    Half of the students – “Team Black” – started by hiking the West Coast Trail, and the others – “Team Gold” – began by kayaking the Broken Group Islands in Barkley Sound. They overlapped in the middle, all staying at the Broken Group Lodge together for one night, and then Team Black kayaked the Broken Group while Team Gold hiked the trail. Each group was accompanied by multiple staff members throughout the expedition.
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  • Beauty and the Beast

    From the performances on stage to the building of the props and the operation of the lights and microphones, nearly everything was in the hands of the students themselves at this year’s Grade 8 musical, Beauty and the Beast.
    The students’ months of hard work paid off when the musical took the stage for a pair of showings on Friday, June 21, which none other than Head of School Mr. Larry Lamont called, “hysterical,” and absolutely brilliant.”
    “They’ve been working very hard,” Theatre teacher Mr. Sal Interlandi said of the Grade 8s. “It’s hard to do something like that in a short period of time, but it’s been a lot of fun. The spirit of the class has been fun to work with. There is a lot of great energy.”
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  • Annual Coho Release

    Nearly 10,000 salmon fry were released into the wild this month by students who raised them in the Mark Hobson Hatchery – a facility unique to Shawnigan among schools in British Columbia.
    The students in Science 9 and Environmental Science 11 and 12 have been nurturing the fish since November, when they caught fish in Shawnigan Creek to use as broodstock, then harvested eggs from the females and fertilized them with milt (semen) from the males. The eggs hatched into alevin – a phase where they are still carrying yolk – then grew into fry in March. Transferred into larger tanks at that point, they were fed and cared for over the following months until they were ready for release into Hartl and Shawnigan creeks.
    According to Hatchery Lead and Experiential Learning Instructor Mr. Louis Chancellor, the number of fish released this year was nearly double the amount released last year, thanks in part to some changes and improvements made to the system. He says it should be even better next year.
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  • Arts and 360 Update

    The end of the school year has given Shawnigan’s musicians, artists and actors several chances to display their talents and the projects they have spent the last few months working on.
    On Wednesday, June 5, we celebrated our 360 (arts and activities) groups with colours and awards in the Chapel Gathering, followed by the 360 Fair later that afternoon. The fair included performances by the senior and junior rock bands, displays of art and photography, and demonstrations of everything from fly fishing to search and rescue. In the evening, the annual Cabaret featured performances by the Broadway choir and dance crew.
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