C.A.S.E Studies

Daisy C. re-imagines the campus map

Over the years, Shawnigan’s School map has been updated yearly with new buildings, roads, and gardens. When Maite Urzua, one of the school’s art teachers, put out a call for re-imagining the map with some artistic flair, Daisy took on the challenge.
“I studied the old map,” Daisy said, “and also looked at photos of the campus taken by a drone. I wanted to keep all the aspects of the old map, but also add new dimensions and make it as detailed as possible, while still keeping everything within the constrained space of the illustration.”
If you look very closely at the map, the Canadian flag is flying proudly. There are cars in the parking lot and ducks in the pond. “I wanted to keep it fun!” Daisy laughs.
Now, as the School prints her new map for visitors and has had it reproduced on larger canvasses, Daisy feels a great sense of pride in her creation and happy that it is being distributed used on a large scale.
Currently a grade 11 student, Daisy sees her future in architecture. She hopes her next innovation can be using design software specific to the architecture world.
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