The New Graham L. Anderson Legacy Scholarship

This phrase, still in use today as the Lake’s House motto, is the essence of Graham L. Anderson's legacy in the Shawnigan Lake School community.

Building on the success of the Graham L. Anderson Alumni Award, the Graham L. Anderson Legacy Scholarship was established in January 2022 by father and son John ’60 and Chris McIntyre ’98 (Lake’s), both of whom were profoundly inspired by Graham during their respective times at Shawnigan.

The Graham L. Anderson Legacy Scholarship brings together supporters who wish to contribute to the enduring legacy of Shawnigan as embodied by Graham L. Anderson as well as increase overall strength, performance, and diversity of the Shawnigan student body while assisting families that may require financial assistance to access the School.  Scholarship recipients demonstrate the ability to contribute to the Shawnigan community in exceptional ways, thereby elevating the experience of those around them and enriching the School’s educational experience for all.
"Graham Anderson was a truly dedicated teacher and the best teacher we ever had--he made History come alive and interesting. He prepared us well for University and today we feel we owe our degrees to Graham Anderson. He had the respect of staff and students--indeed a very special teacher with a wonderful gift." - John ‘60 and Chris ‘98 (Lake’s) McIntyre.
To ensure that Graham Anderson’s Shawnigan legacy is as far-reaching as it can be, we invite donations to this new scholarship; 100% of donations will be placed in an endowment that funds Graham Anderson Legacy Scholars at Shawnigan in perpetuity.
Graham’s relationship with Shawnigan, which started as a student in 1940, spanned 70 years as he lived his life in service of the School. Graham was a devoted House Director of Lake’s from 1957 to 1986, an inspiring teacher where his own encyclopaedic knowledge sparked countless minds that came through the gates of Shawnigan, as well as one of only two people in Shawnigan’s history to receive two Stag awards; Graham’s life was lived one not for himself but for others.

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  • Graham L. Anderson and Shawnigan: A Timeline

    1916 - Shawnigan founded by C.W. Lonsdale
    1928 - Graham L. Anderson born
    1940 - Graham entered Shawnigan as student
    1942 - Graham left Shawnigan
    1952 - Lonsdale Retires
    1952 - Peter Kaye (2nd Headmaster) appointed
    1958 - Ned Larsen (3rd Headmaster) appointed
    1957 - Graham joins Shawnigan now as teacher
    1958 - Graham appointed Housemaster of Lake’s House
    1962 - Graham receives 1st Stag Award
    1966 - Graham takes on role of Registrar/Director of Admissions
    1968 - Brian S. Powell (4th Headmaster) appointed
    1968 - Lachlan Patrick 'Pat' MacLachlan (5th Headmaster) appointed
    1972 - Hugh C. Wilkinson (6th Headmaster) appointed
    1975 - The Rev. Canon William Hamilton Horace McClelland, M.B.E. (7th Headmaster) appointed
    1978 - Darrell John Farrant (8th Headmaster) appointed
    1984 - Douglas J. 'Doug' Campbell (9th Headmaster) appointed
    1986 - Graham steps down as Housemaster of Lake’s House
    1988 - Shawnigan becomes a co-educational institution 
    1989 - Derek William Hyde-Lay (10th Headmaster) appointed
    1990 - Simon C. Bruce Lockhart (11th Headmaster) appointed
    2000 - David Robertson (12th Headmaster) appointed
    2010 - Graham receives 2nd Stag Award
    2010 - Graham leaves teaching due to ill health
    2012 - Graham L. Anderson passes away
  • Graham L. Anderson 2ND Stag Citation (2010)

    This award is re-presented to Graham - someone who was in fact the 19th ever recipient after the awards were instituted in 1961. Graham was first recognized with this prestigious award 48 years ago and it is as deserving today as it was then. There's never a wrong time to acknowledge those that you treasure and that's how we at Shawnigan feel about Graham Anderson. If you are too young to know much about Graham, I challenge you to find out and I guarantee that it will be worth it. He doesn't really like the limelight, but he is the epitome of a lifetime of service and devotion to the School and it is very difficult to quantify the full extent of his influence on the lives of so many here, you and old. The Stag citation can rarely have been more appropriate than it is for Graham Anderson and it can truly be said that the School is a better place in consequence of the contribution he has made and continues to make.
  • Video: Graham L. Anderson & the Shawnigan Journey (2023)

  • Video: Graham L. Anderson & the Shawnigan Journey (2008)

I think of how many young men (and women) went through: Lake’s when he was housemaster, Western Civilization, Latin, Rifle, Archery and the myriad of other roles Graham had at the school. The number of lives touched is extraordinary. If he only made 10% of the impact on their lives that he made on mine, it is staggering the difference his life made overall. - Alan Dieckmann ‘84 (Lake’s)
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We acknowledge with respect the Coast Salish Peoples on whose traditional lands and waterways we live, learn and play. We are grateful for the opportunity to share in this beautiful region, and we aspire to healthy and respectful relationships with those who have lived on and cared for these lands for millennia.