Impact Scholarships

Shawnigan offers Impact Scholarships for new and returning students that have faced conflict, discrimination, or circumstances that impede their access to the growth and development that education offers. These youth, through their life experience and commitment to education, will not only benefit enormously from the well-rounded education that Shawnigan offers, but they will have even greater positive impact on Shawnigan students, teachers, and the wider community. Impact Scholarships provide full access to and financial support for the Shawnigan Journey, including tuition, housing, books, uniform, and other expenses.
Shawnigan's Impact Scholarships were established by Head of School Larry Lamont and his wife Kathini Cameron in support of Project Future, Shawnigan’s 2021-2023 strategic vision, with a view to reaching our Shawnigan’s full potential for positive impact in the world. In a letter to parents supporting the fund, Mr. Lamont shared: “You will know that supporting students dispossessed of safety and education is close to Kathini and my hearts. I am hopeful that, by working together, we can make the gift that you have given to your children available to others who are facing circumstances beyond their control.”

Incoming Impact Scholars

Kateryna I.

Impact Scholarship 

“What I hope to achieve from Shawnigan’s program is the further development of my academic strengths, exploration of my potential interests, and connection with the school’s spirit through deeper involvement in the community.” Kateryna I.

Hometown: Kyiv, Ukraine 
Grade: Grade 10 (September 2022) 
Languages: Ukrainian, French, Russian, English 
Kateryna is a very driven and active young woman with interests spanning many disciplines. In everything she does, she strives to perform at the highest level possible. She competed at a national and international level in downhill skiing (9 years) and dance (7 years). Another passion is art – specifically, painting – and her work has won awards at the Kyiv City Art Olympiads. 

She is very interested in business and marketing and has just completed a four year program through MBA Kids, during which time she developed her own start-up and sold products to fundraise for different charities.
Kateryna’s personal passions include sociology, political science, and economics. Recently, she was part of a team that participated in a national debate competition, and she shares that she is proud of her analytical, strategizing, and mediating skills in debates, conferences, and round table discussions. 

Anastasiia S.

Impact Scholarship 

“Anastasiia is very active and determined. Her ambition is to open an international school in her hometown, and she is very active in both her community and international fora.”– Anna Vasylyeva, Executive Director, UWC Ukraine

Hometown: Rivne, Ukraine 
Grade: Grade 11 (September 2022) 
Languages: Ukrainian, English
Anastasiia is a positive, passionate, and engaged young scholar and an active volunteer who highly values helping people in her community. 
She likes to think beyond herself and is involved in many organizations outside of school, including European Youth Parliament (EYP), LEAP (Leadership, Engagement, Activism Program), the “Erasmus+ Inclusion or the Right to be Different” project, the “School of Success” project by the Klitschko Foundation, and WiTech Ukraine (STEM education for girls), just to name a few.

EYP is a particular area of interest for Anastasiia and she is looking forward to joining Shawnigan’s Model UN group. She describes her involvement with EYP as life-changing, and has been particularly impressed by the way in which she has seen the representatives react to the war in Ukraine. 

Anastasiia is looking forward to being an ambassador for her home country while she is at Shawnigan and to teaching the students and staff all about Ukraine. 

Marina M.

Impact Scholarship 

“Marina is a motivated and driven young leader who dreams of changing the world.” – Friba Rezayee, Women Leaders of Tomorrow

Hometown: Kabul, Afghanistan
Grade: Grade 10 (May 2022)
Languages: Persian, Pashto, Uzbek, English 
Marina is a happy and engaged young woman who loves to learn. When the Taliban took over the government in August 2021 and banned girls’ education above Grade 6, Marina reached out to Women Leaders of Tomorrow (WLOT), a Vancouver-based non-profit that finds scholarships for young Afghan women to continue their education overseas – and they connected Marina with Shawnigan Lake School.
Marina’s dream is to complete her high school education and pursue university studies in politics. She is interested in improving the economic, security, and education situation in Afghanistan and improving life for all citizens, especially women and children. She aspires to become the first female president of Afghanistan. 

Before leaving Afghanistan, Marina volunteered her time and talent by teaching English and supporting impoverished women and children in her community. 

Click here to read the Shawnigan Lake School and Women Leaders of Tomorrow Press Release.

Easton S.

Indigenous Student of Canada Scholarship

I am not just excited to play hockey, but I am excited to take this adventure and discover everything else that will be available to me. Things and opportunities I don’t even really know about yet. Opportunities that otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to take part in.” – Easton S.

Hometown: Comox, British Columbia
Grade: Grade 10 (September 2022)
Languages: English, French, Spanish
Easton is a determined, mature and resilient young man with a passion for sports, who also understands the importance of a high-quality education. An assistant captain and top scorer with his rep hockey team in Comox, BC, Easton dreams of playing hockey at a higher level while getting a university education, and puts as much effort into academics as he puts into athletics. Easton is also an up-and-coming basketball player and is interested in other sports as well. Teachers at previous schools have lauded Easton’s leadership, both in the classroom and in athletics.

A status member of the Yellow Knives Dene First Nation in the Northwest Territories, Easton travels each year to visit his large extended family in the communities of Yellowknife and Dettah, and has spent much of his life immersed in First Nations culture.

Easton is excited and grateful to have the opportunity to play sports and pursue an education at Shawnigan Lake School.

Yangchen T.

Michael T. Waites Scholarship

"In Nepal, education is just text. But here it is different. Coming to Shawnigan has broadened my view of what education can be and it has also given me the opportunity to learn more about myself and explore different things. Here, I am getting a chance to do everything! I am inspired to help others.” – Yangchen T.

Hometown: Mugu, Nepal
Grade: Grade 11 (September 2022)
Languages: Mugum, Tibetan, Nepali, English, Hindi
Yangchen is a positive and bright young woman from Mugu, one of the most undeveloped and remote areas of Nepal. Coming from a profoundly disadvantaged background, she was able to attend Shree Mangal Dvip, a philanthropy-funded boarding school in Kathmandu — Nepal’s capital and largest city, which can take as much as two weeks to reach from her hometown — from the age of six.

At her boarding school in Nepal, Yangchen engaged in many extracurricular activities, including dance and acting, and served as the school librarian and Library Club Supervisor, Math Game Supervisor, and editor of the student newspaper, the Thrangu Express.

A top student throughout her school life, Yangchen dreams of becoming a psychiatrist, and to help people understand one another. “My goal is to contribute something to my society or village,” she shares. “It’s most important that I know the people I will need in order to do something collectively for the village or anywhere in the world.”
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