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  • September

    Dragons' Den Dumbbells Donation

    Dragons’ Den-style pitches made by Shawnigan students last June are starting to pay off this fall.
    In June, students from Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10 held their own version of the popular show Dragons’ Den, pitching ideas to members of the Shawnigan Parents Association (SPA), hoping that their projects would be selected and provided with a financial investment to make it a reality.
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  • June

    Shawnigan's Dragon Den

    Earlier this week, students from Entrepreneurship and Marketing 10 held their very own version of the popular show Dragon’s Den, pitching ideas to a panel comprised of the Shawnigan Parents Association. The goal? That their project be selected and provided with a financial investment to make it a reality. Student groups were tasked with coming up with an idea to better our Shawnigan community, and with an audience, including the Head of School, seated comfortably in Mitchell Hall, they courageously addressed the room and pitched their ideas.
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  • This I Believe

    Graduation is a special time for students, and at Shawnigan, there is so much to celebrate and reflect on as their final year of high school comes to a close. Students in English 12 have a unique assignment for their final weeks: a challenge to compose and deliver original speeches in a similar style to the legendary radio program called “This I Believe,” created in the 1950s by Edward R. Murrow. For this namesake project, the class embarked on a writing journey to create a memorable speech that reflects on their time at the School and the core values that have guided their daily lives. Starting with the words, “This I believe,” students shared a wide range of topics and stories in their speeches, which they presented in class. 18 presenters were then selected by their peers to participate in an evening showcase.
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  • Grade 9 Boat Race

    The Health and Career Education 9 class had some fun last week as they held their 6th annual boat race, a much-loved team-building activity that brings a bit of fun to the class and marks the start of spring. While it seems mother nature did not receive the memo this year, the competition still proved to be a fun yet wet experience for all Grade 9s in the class. After being divided into groups and tasked with designing and building a raft using recycled materials found around campus and a few bought items, the students then got to work. The end goal? To navigate their boat, with all team members on board, around a buoy on the lake.
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  • Physics 11 Rocket Launch

    The rocket lab is an annual physics event that students look forward to each year. AP Physics 11 students take on the challenge of building and designing their own rockets using paper rocket kits, with the goal of creating the rocket that reaches the highest mark in the sky.
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  • May

    Career life Education Speaker Series

    This week our Grade 11s got to hear first-hand from Shawnigan alumni the opportunities that lay ahead of them beyond Shawnigan. Over three evenings this week, the Career Life Education 11 class Zoomed in with several graduates who shared where they are now and what it took to get them there. A part of the curriculum, career life education is critical in preparing students to determine the pathways they will need to take for their future plans. Choosing a profession can be daunting, and evenings like this allow students to ask questions and explore their options. The alumni who participated came from various disciplines, each having very different paths to get them there. Some went to post-secondary institutions while others entered the trades or started their own business, showing that not everything has a strictly academic route to get you there.
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  • Shawnigan Night of Dance

    On Sunday, the School was thrilled to be able to hold the Shawnigan Night of Dance and to welcome visitors back onto campus to enjoy a beautiful showcase of dance put on by students in our Grade 10 and Grade 11/12 curricular dance classes as well as those in our sport group. Held in the Hugh Wilkinson Theatre, there were two shows, a matinee and an evening show, and what a turnout they had! The matinee ended up being a full house with more families in the audience than they had ever seen before. The evening show was just as busy. Organizers put out an additional 30 seats in anticipation of a larger crowd, but even that wasn’t enough, and audience members flooded over onto the floor in front of the stage – talk about floor seats! The supporters extended beyond those who were physically present in the theatre as the evening show was also live-streamed so that families could support their child(ren) virtually.
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  • Grade 8s hear real-life shipwreck tale

    Following their recent study of The Dove in Social Studies, the Grade 8 class had the opportunity to hear from Shawnigan teacher Mr. Galen Loiselle, who, as a child, was shipwrecked for six months in the Panamanian archipelagoes. Thank you to Brady Z. for sharing his reflections on this experience!
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  • Young Entrepreneurs Hit the Ice

    Students in Shawnigan’s Entrepreneurship & Marketing 10 classes have learned a lot this year, but nothing beats what is learned through real-world applications. Following on the success of the soccer jerseys that were designed by last year’s class for the School’s “Vancouver Island Premier League” – our in-house Shawnigan soccer league that was created during the pandemic when competing against outside schools wasn’t possible – the classes have embarked on a similar project, this time for the Shawnigan Staff & Friends Hockey League (SSFHL).
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  • April

    Spring Hatchery Update

    It has been all hands on deck this past week as the Mark Hobson Hatchery prepared for the release of thousands of juvenile Coho salmon into neighbouring Hartl Creek for their journey to the Pacific Ocean. Months of hard work go into the rearing of these fish in the on-campus hatchery, and students in Science 9 and Environmental Science 11 and 12, as well as the Fly-tying 360, play an important role in the annual cycle of incubating, caring for, and releasing the fry. Under the watchful eye of science teachers Laura Robson and Justin Wilke, students get hands-on experience while learning about the central role this species plays in the ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest.
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  • Shawnigan Graduate Selected for the Page Program

    For graduates at Shawnigan Lake School, the opportunities beyond Shawnigan are many, and 
    for Class of 2022 student Annie C., this couldn’t ring more true. Selected for the Page Program in the House of Commons – an honour given to 40 first-year students in the Ottawa/Gatineau region each year – Annie is excited for the opportunity to be a non-partisan employee of the House administration next academic year. After undergoing the highly competitive national process that narrows it down to 40 successful applicants, the Page Program provides year-long, part-time work for students at eligible post-secondary institutions in an effort to broaden and enrich their knowledge of the Canadian Parliamentary System. For Annie, this was made possible because of her acceptance and commitment to the University of Ottawa to study Political Science and French.
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  • Shawnigan Student Earns Entry into National Science Fair

    Shawnigan students continue to shine, and this week Grade 11 student Sarah M. is no exception as she emerged from the virtual Vancouver Island Regional Science Fair (VIRSF) with an impressive second-place overall finish. This year marked the first time Shawnigan had an entry in this regional fair, and the results saw Sarah—along with the other top six projects from the fair—earning a spot in the prestigious Canada-Wide Science Fair, being held virtually in May. The national fair is Canada’s foremost annual youth science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) event that brings together the country’s top young scientists selected from approximately 100 regional fairs that take place across the country.
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  • Inspiring Academic Excellence

    On Tuesday, April 5th, 13 of our top senior math students at the School wrote the Euclid Math Contest, an annual test held by the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Education in Mathematics and Computing for senior-level high school students.
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  • March

    Pi Week Celebrations!

    Math enthusiasts unite! With the first three significant digits of the mathematical constant 𝚷 being 3, 1 and 4 the date of March 14 is recognized around the world as ‘World 𝚷 Day” where lovers of mathematics and ‘pie’ can find common ground. With the School on holiday on March 14 this year, Shawnigan math teacher and pi enthusiast Mark Swannell turned the week before Spring Break into a Pi Week Celebration!
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  • February

    Mark Hobson Hatchery Update

    With signs of spring around us, tucked away in the Mark Hobson Fish Hatchery located in the heart of campus on Lake Omar, there are thousands of salmon eggs at the start of their life cycle under the watchful eye of Shawnigan students. Offering a hands-on learning experience with this little school of fish, the lessons learned while in the hatchery extend outside of the classroom. It all starts with the delivery of the salmon roe which are cared for as they go through their stages of development, from alevin to fry to smolts, when the time comes to release them into nearby Hartl Creek which joins with the larger Shawnigan Creek. With Hartl Creek then becoming their natal creek, it is anticipated that these salmon will return year after year as part of their life cycle. The role the hatchery plays is significant as Shawnigan Creek has one of the largest Coho Salmon returns in the entire Province.
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  • January

    Legion Remembrance contest

    In the fall of 2021 students from Law 12 and Beyond The Gates (Humanities 9) produced meaningful essays and poetry themed on Remembrance, as an honour to Canada’s veterans, and submitted them to the Royal Canadian Legion’s annual poster and literary contest. With submissions from all over Canada, judges reviewed and gave awards in different categories starting at a local level, with the first place recipients moving on to the regional level with some making it to the national level where their work will be proudly displayed for the year at Canada’s War Museum in Ottawa. Last year, Shawnigan Lake School’s Abby Dyer ‘21 won first place at the national level in 2020/2021 for her Senior Poem submission.
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We acknowledge with respect the Coast Salish Peoples on whose traditional lands and waterways we live, learn and play. We are grateful for the opportunity to share in this beautiful region, and we aspire to healthy and respectful relationships with those who have lived on and cared for these lands for millennia.