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  • February

    Tenzin L. '21 (Kathmandu, Nepal)

    "My school in Nepal is called Shree Mangal Dvip and it has a connection with Shawnigan because the school director is from Canada. I am now the third student from my school who has received a scholarship to attend Shawnigan.
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  • January

    Heather Craib, Head Nurse

    "I have been the head nurse for 14 years. The clinic has always been a safe place for kids to come. Often it will start off with a student saying they have a headache or aren’t feeling well, but sometimes after talking further you find out that they are having a bad day, or they are dealing with something, or are struggling, and therefore the clinic is often a place for students to come and blow off steam or be heard in a safe and comfortable environment without fear of repercussions.
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  • Seiya T.C. ’21, Ripley's (Mill Bay, BC)

    "I was playing hockey at a local arena while I tried to find a better program to compete in. Then, when Shawnigan started their hockey program, my brother got the opportunity to go, and I knew that I would follow in my brother’s path.
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