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  • June

    Mrs. Leslie Smith

    "My favourite part about teaching is the students. It's those transformational moments, those “aha” moments when a student does something that they never thought they could do. Those are my happy moments – seeing my students experimenting and discovering new things, and having fun along the way. I think that's why I love teaching junior students so much, because we can have fun, and we do have fun every single day.

    I am an English teacher; my interest in and passion for ELL developed during my time here at Shawnigan and have evolved into an area of speciality. My Shawnigan career began 20 years ago and my first role was providing support services to students who had ELL needs or executive functioning needs. Back then there was no Learning Centre. Then, I got back into the classroom and worked in the English Department and the Prep School before moving full time into the English Department.
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  • May

    Mrs. Rayna Hyde-Lay

    "I was 14 years old when I first came to Shawnigan, joining 30 others to make up the first group of girls to attend what had until that point been an all-boys school. Most of us had brothers who were already at the School or came from the boarding school at Queen Margaret's School, so it wasn’t entirely new for us, and we embraced this unique opportunity head on. Made up of Grade 10 to 12 students, being a part of this pioneering group of girls was exciting. It was awesome being in the first year of girls, and we really bonded as a group.

    The connections I made at the School started from the very beginning. The first year of girls was in School House with everyone on the same floor. I knew the Grade 12s as well as I knew the younger students, and being together really bonded us. It was a critical time for the School, and they were careful to make sure we understood the microscope we were under as the first group of girls. “All for one, one for all” was a motto we lived by in those early years, and it was in those years we got to know everyone. When Kaye’s House opened up the following year, and the girls were divided into two Houses, we remained very connected as a group.
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  • February

    MacKinley B.' 22 (Strathcona)

    "Shawnigan has been a part of my life forever. As a young child, I would often visit the campus with my dad who would be attending board meetings or alumni events – we would even come to watch school musicals. Seeing all the students walking together I was always struck by all the happiness, warmth, kindness, and laughter. They always looked like they were having so much fun. I remember thinking that these are the types of people I would have in my life if I came here – and I wanted it. I think that was definitely strategic because my dad was trying to get me to fall in love with Shawnigan. Little did he know I was already counting down the days till I could be a part of the Shawnigan community.
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