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English Plus at Shawnigan
During the inaugural two-week English+ Summer Program, students were given the opportunity to experience Shawnigan Lake School life, including all elements of a well-rounded education. English+ aimed to expose students to Shawnigan Lake School, to its campus, its programs, and its people.
Working with Shawnigan staff, students participated in English and science classes and dove into experiential learning with a focus on leadership and collaboration. In their time after classes, master coaches and specialty fine artists introduced activities ranging from rugby to the recording arts. Participants had access to the beautiful Shawnigan Lake School acreage, and with local trips to Victoria, Parksville, and Chemainus, English practice took place in a variety of environments both on and off campus.
So far the response has been extraordinarily positive. After their two-week stay, students reported improvements in English skills, better self-confidence, and stronger sense of belonging.
In particular, students commented on the staff involved with the program. An email from a participant’s parent read, “After this program, my son knows more about the School’s history and culture. He likes everything in the School and he loves the people, especially the teachers he met in the School. He told us a lot of stories about the summer program and we can see he feels he is already part of the School deeply from his heart.”
Program Director Kimberly Edgson says she was thrilled with the success of the inaugural year, and is excited to grow the initiative. "The English+ staff continued the Shawnigan tradition of going the extra mile to ensure students feel connected," she says, adding "Connected students learn better and faster. The people of English+ are what separate our summer school from other language programs."
Ms. Edgson also sees a strong link between the new summer program and the innovative work already being done in the Shawnigan English program. "Our teachers maximize individual connection and specialty skill building, and we hope to provide a powerful experience for our international students throughout the year."

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