Literary journey

Buying books at Bucknucks
Cari Bell's AP Language students used a recent book buying opportunity to sharpen their argument skills. 
With a $30 budget to spend at Bucknuck's Book Store, their mission was to select books they felt must be added to the classroom library.  Then, while enjoying refreshments at Drumroaster's Cafe, each person argued why their selected book(s) should be chosen.  Arguments ranged from "because this author's good advice will help us navigate challenging relationships" to "because this book is hilarious and a good belly laugh bolsters mental health." 
Most of the students' arguments were compelling, and following the debates and a final vote, the class returned to school with seven new books to add to the class library.  In addition, Mrs. Bell happily notes, a few students even went back to Bucknuck's to purchase their own books. 
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