Filmmaking at Shawnigan

Big screen collaborations
Filmmakers at Shawnigan are flexing their artistic muscles.
Two teams of students have been generating new content in collaboration with creative partners around the region.
In live action film, Grade 12 student Freddy W. is creating a 4-5 minute film he's hoping to submit to next year's NFFTY Film Festival in Seattle.
Titled Origami, the project involved three months of pre-production, as Freddy and his team recruited on-screen talent, scoured the area for props and wardrobes, and raised funds for location rentals and other costs. Much of the equipment was supplied by Shawnigan's CASE program, with the Kitchen, IT, and Recording Arts programs all providing support.
After an intensive shooting schedule, the project is now in post-production. Freddy expects the editing phase to last for about three months.
"I'd call it a symphony, because everyone's helping each other to achieve one goal." Freddy says.
Other students contributing to the project include Director Byron C. and Director of Photography Ben J.
Meanwhile, a team of animators has brought its creative vision to an original song.
Written and performed by Genevieve Charbonneau, Heart is a Tower was recorded earlier this year in the Shawnigan Recording Studio with production by Jack Connolly and Steve Smith.
Under the direction of Animation Instructor Tracy Lewis, Grade 9 students Fernando G. and Magnus S. have created a three-minute music video to accompany the song.
Behind the scenes of Origami.


The music video for Heart is a Tower.

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