Achievement outside the classroom

Sport and Fine Art Colours

Athletes and artists shared the stage on Thursday as Shawnigan presented the latest round of school colours to deserving students.
As part of the presentation, the school was fortunate to hear diverse perspectives from James Pollock and Jenn Hutchins.
In his words, Mr. Pollock described the journey that took him from community rinks in Victoria to professional hockey in the NHL and in Europe, paying tribute to those who helped him along the way. "Don't forget to set your goals high, never give up, and use athletics as a platform to have fun and make lifelong friends and memories."
Meanwhile, Mrs. Hutchins touched on an art project she created in university, as an example of the varied ways that art can shed light on issues in society. "I urge all of you to see your time here as an opportunity," she said. "Whether you pursue a career in the arts, enjoy a hobby, or develop your creativity and problem-solving skills, I urge you to make the most of your time in the arts and to try as many different types as you can while you're here."
Arts and Activities Colours recipients for the first half of 2018-19 school year:
Kiara S.
Hailey S.
Jamie B.
Holly C.
Isaac K.
Freddy W.
Byron C.
Dana S.
Nicole S.
Kerry W.
Isaac L.
Aaryan K.
Amelia M.
Tatum H.
Georgia C.
Esther P.
Josh W.
Will R.
Sophia C.
Gigi Y.
Paige D.
Cailey C.
Paige M.
Daisy C.
Caitlyn B.
Uaena T.
Ainsley F.
Hannah B.
Caroline C.
Athletic Colours recipients for the second term:
Maria G.
Danae G.
Carl S.
Mitchell K.
Thomas D.
Will J.
Anika K.
Gigi Y.
Carolina M.
Aaron W.
Dalan M.
Kaleb M.
Jojo T.
Jacob F.
Josh V.
Cody S.
Keigo H.
Nathan G.
Coby B.
Austin M.
Sarah R.
Maddie N.
Megan B.
Eva D.
Gillian M.
Taylor N.
Saige B.
Emma H.
Kiara S.
Colby W.
Mishayla C.
Freddy W.
Makenna E.
Maho K.
Charles A.
Senior (double colours):
Tolani A.
Gabrielle O.
Tatum H.
Lauren S.
Caleb P.
Annika B.
Victoria S.
Junior (first nomination):
Renee H.
Mackenzie R.
Mimi G.
Amia L.
Aiden D.
Tom M.
Keely R.
Chiara C.
Olivia B. (honourable mention)
Junior (second nomination)
Owen W.
Matt S.
Craig M.
Cole F.
Ethan D.
Kristjan S.
Mac R.
Marshall M.
Seiya T.
Breanne P.
Allison M.
Jillian T.
Gerry A.
Abby D.
Kate S.
Mia F.
Tomas S.
Paige M.
Danique U.

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