We Will Rock You

Shawnigan musical rocks Victoria
The title says it all: As a team, the cast and crew of Shawnigan's 2019 musical are set to rock you.

Opening on Thursday evening at Victoria's McPherson Playhouse, We Will Rock You is a triumphant celebration of music, dance, and play.

Set in a dystopian future controlled by the GlobalSoft Corporation, the show follows a group of rebel Bohemians in their quest to restore freedom, live music, and rock and roll . . . even though they don't really know what that is.

Though it's a fictional story with fictional characters, We Will Rock You revolves around the music of Queen, serving the audience a constant stream of iconic songs, beats, and melodies. As the first production of this acclaimed show to be staged on Vancouver Island, Shawnigan's presentation captures every bit of Queen's incomparable vibe.

The actors, led by musical theatre newcomer Ethan A., provide a contagious energy that lasts from start to finish. From the powerful leads to those on the edges of the stage, the entire cast is spirited and engaged.

Directed by Morgan McLeod, Kelli McLeod, Shannon Tyrrell, and Jack Connolly, the production all works to amplify the fun. The costumes are lively and creative. The sets are dynamic. The lighting is expressive. The band rocks, and the chorus lines are as big as Queen's music, with just the right amount of air guitar.

Overall, the show promises to appeal to everyone in the audience – even those who don't typically gravitate toward musical theatre. It's as grand as opera, and as freeing as rock and roll.

We Will Rock You: More than a title . . . it's a guarantee.
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