Sobering lessons

Visiting the PARTY program

Shawnigan Grade 10s are learning about the effects of life-altering decisions.
Over the next two weeks, groups of students are visiting the Cowichan District Hospital for insights from the PARTY Program.
Run by volunteers, 'Prevent Alcohol and Risk-Related Trauma in Youth' includes presentations from health-care professionals (including doctors, nurses, paramedics, and first-responders) who treat trauma patients, as well as conversations with those who have been affected by trauma.
Sessions include videos outlining the mechanics of vehicular accidents, simulations of intoxication at RCMP road checks, and illustrations of life in rehabilitation.
"It's a really valuable experience for our students," says Matt Clinton-Baker, Shawnigan's Director of Student Life. "We can talk all we want about studies, science, and setting a good example, but nothing compares to seeing those directly and profoundly affected by decisions that they or others have made."
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