Shawnigan staff on stage

Morgan McLeod leads 'Shrek, the Musical'

Students of theatre and dance are seeing their teachers in a whole new light.
Two busloads of dramatists ventured to Victoria on Thursday evening to enjoy the Victoria Operatic Society's production of Shrek, the Musical.
The evening was a treat for many who had contributed to this year's Shawnigan musical, We Will Rock You, and to a few Grade 12s who had been part of the cast of the school's 2015 production of Shrek.
Even more special was seeing Shawnigan's Head of Performing Arts, Morgan McLeod, playing the lead role.
"I was shocked," grinned Grade 12 student Amelia M., who has studied drama under Mr. McLeod throughout her five years at Shawnigan. "In every single moment, he was doing the things he taught us," she said.  For his part, Grade 11 student Spencer N. said it's bizarre – though somehow fitting – to see a teacher dressed up as a big green monster. "He was incredible captivating," Spencer added.
While seeing Mr. McLeod on stage isn’t unheard of (he also led the hugely successful 2016 VOS production of Spamalot), this production proved a greater feat, with the entire McLeod family – including Shawnigan's Head of Dance, Kelli McLeod, and their children Ridley and Remi, suiting up for the show.
"It's great for me to be able to keep involved," says Mr. McLeod, while acknowledging the massive commitment it has taken. "I teach drama, so it's good to have a refresher. Plus, as a director, being directed is great professional development for me."
"It's so special for us to all be on stage together," Mrs. McLeod (Mama Bear & Ensemble) adds. "We met on stage, so to have our kids on stage with us is such an incredible process."
Shrek, the Musical continues through May 12 at the McPherson Playhouse.
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