Staff tributes

Hollings and Dalrymple reach milestones
Shawnigan is paying tribute to two longstanding staff members as they write the final chapters in their careers.
At a Friday evening garden party at Kaye's House, students, staff, alumni, and families paid tribute to Erica Dalrymple and Ray Hollings.
A beloved math teacher, Erica Dalrymple – or Mrs. D as she is known at the school – served at Shawnigan for 28 years.
As hosts, the girls of Kaye's baked special cookies and presented musical offerings during the event.
Speaking on behalf of housemate Carolina M., Grade 11 student Nicole L. said, "Even though Mrs. D can be a little intimidating when boys forget to shave before class, she is the most selfless individual one could ever encounter, always putting her students, coworkers and family first. What makes this woman so special is her strict policy of not judging students for past mistakes, which is hard to find in a school with such a thin line between our personal lives and schooling."
Lovingly created by Head Gardener Ed de Melo and his team, a new garden in front of Kaye's commemorates Mrs. D's astonishing 19 years as Kaye's House Director.
Friday's celebration was in honour of the Kaye's House renovations as well as the two special guests, though Ray Hollings' family needed every bit of his resourcefulness just to get him out of the car.
A staff member for an incredible 45 years, Shawnigan's Maintenance Manager is looking forward to retirement in the future.
"Ray has a talent for saving things and from this developed a taste for moving things, or rather, getting them moved," said Rosemary Dolman. Shawnigan's Museum Curator and former Advancement Director, Dolman shared a story of one panicked afternoon, when Hollings was able to create a new road and gate (the Beach Estates access) by the end of the day.
"Ray is the sort of person who can fix anything with a couple of nails, a bit of tubing, and a great deal of ingenuity," Dolman added. "He particularly enjoys the end of August each year, when he can give us all a heart attack with nothing seemingly finished and the students due back in a few days, yet somehow it all works out and the walls are painted, the doors put back on and the furniture assembled."
In tribute to his service, Ray's daughter Emma Rae ’08 (Kaye's) unveiled a new painting of her father, as well as the signage for Kaye's new common room – now known as the Hollings' Room.
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