Rowing Canada MoU

Formalizing a decades-long partnership

An age-old partnership is enjoying new vitality, thanks to an agreement between Shawnigan and Rowing Canada.
On Friday, leaders from Rowing Canada Aviron and Shawnigan joined coaches and students to formalize a new Memorandum of Understanding that reinforces a decades-long partnership.
Signed by Rowing Canada CEO Terry Dillon and Headmaster Larry Lamont, the agreement ensures that the mutually supportive partnership will continue through at least 2022.
Since 1996, Shawnigan's docks have included a boat bay dedicated to Canada's National Team. A recently-completed renovation of the Read Crewhouse and docks means Rowing Canada Aviron will make use of a first-rate facility on one of Canada's best rowing lakes, as well as access to Lecky House accommodation, Marion Hall meals, dry-land facilities, and more.
The agreement ensures that national teams will continue to use Shawnigan as a satellite training centre, and will continue to positively influence school and community athletes. Rowing Canada has pledged to participate in community events, and also offer mentorship to both aspiring rowers and local coaches.
"With the National Training Centre moving to Quamichan Lake, we are excited to have Rowing Canada in the valley and maintaining our decades-long relationship," says Shawnigan Director of Development Greg Stevenson - himself a former rower and a two-time Canadian Olympian.
Earlier this year, Shawnigan signed a similar Memorandum of Understanding with Rugby Canada, as the school continues to build on decades of symbiosis with national programs and bring elite Canadian athletes to the local community.
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