School accolades

Final colours and awards
The final days of the school year have brought an opportunity for standout scholars, artists, and athletes to receive recognition for their efforts and exploits.
The year-end awards began last Wednesday, when the school enjoyed a celebration of the Fine Arts - beginning with Fine Arts colours.
In addition to the presenting the third round of colours, Director of Fine Arts and Activities Morgan McLeod also honoured select students with the following major awards:
The Finest Rod of the Year (for fly-tying) - Austen M.
The Rev. Eric Detchon Award (for choral music) - Amelia M.
The Szymanis Cup (for debate) - Kerry W.
The Hector MacIntosh Award (for public speaking) - Isaac L.
The Spirit & Passion of Skating Award (for figure skating) - Hannah S.
The Filmmakers Achievement Award - Byron C.
The Heather and Gordon Payne Prize (for music in the chapel) - Carl S.
The Bruce Hicks Public Service Award - A.J. M.
The Weaver Dance Award - Maho K.
The Ward Music Trophy (for senior instrumental music) - Mia L.
The Oxley Drama Trophy (for growth in the dramatic arts) - Freddy W.
The Davies/Grey Award (for high standards in the performing arts) - Will H.
The Thomas Award (for the most outstanding theatrical performance) - Spencer N.
The Directors' Cup (for excellence in musical theatre) - Amelia M.
On the final Thursday of term, the school gathered in the chapel for the presentation of both athletic and academic colours.  Before announcing colours winners, Director of Athletics Tim Murdy announced the winners of the School's internal tennis and golf tournaments.
The Grogan Cup (for boys singles) - Nathan K.
The Chu Cup (for girls singles) - Leticia C.
The Candelaria Cup (for mixed doubles) - Janie Z. & Pol H.
The Goody Cup (for golf) - Andres V.
The Shawnigan community will convene on Friday evening for the final awards ceremony, before enjoying the graduation ceremony and school honours on Saturday.
* Note - Some colours winners were absent for their photos, and so are not pictured.
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