All In A Day's Work: Ronni Brown

Summers at Shawnigan are hopping as external groups come to campus.
This summer, Shawnigan will welcome over 50 external groups -- up to 14,000 people -- to campus. From elite training camps and immersive language programs to corporate training and retreats, to fundraisers, summer camps, weddings, and family reunions ... you'll find Veronica Brown (Ronni, as she is known on campus) at the centre of all the action.

In the six years she has led summer programming for Shawnigan, Ronni has grown the offerings to the point where she now employs a team of 36 to deliver the Shawnigan summer experience. Working alongside her these last six summers has been Megan Cholack-Briand '16 (Kaye's).

"Megan is such an asset to our program and to me -- we work together in partnership to make everything happen," says Brown. "Megan has an incredibly brilliant mind matched with compassion, kindness, and a strong work ethic. She is the best role model for our student workers! She comes back to Shawnigan after university and works hard to save for school and invest in her future."

Summer 2019 has seen a big expansion of kid's camps, as well as many new groups, including KPMG, Team Yukon Female Soccer, and the Vancouver Island Concours d'Elegance & Motorcar Weekend. "My favourite part of my job is connecting with people and the community," says Brown. "We love the summer. People come from all over to connect with each other and it's satisfying to see so many outside groups enjoy and use our campus. Plus, watching people's expressions as they take in how beautiful campus is just the best!"
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