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Indigenous Ways

Shawnigan staff continue to learn

100 Shawnigan Lake School staff from all departments attended a day of professional development to learn about various Indigenous Ways. Six different workshops were delivered by Indigenous Elders, athletes, artists, and teachers. The day was filled with experiential learning ranging from playing lacrosse, to storytelling, to making dreamcatchers, to learning about the way of council, to re-enacting Canada’s colonial past.
The objective of the day was to reach a better understanding of Indigenous Ways that will—ultimately—foster healthy community building. By engaging in the day’s offerings with open minds and hearts, we not only learned new skills, but we also honoured the Call to Action as part of the Truth and Reconciliation process. Through our learning, we felt grateful and honoured to be guided by such knowledgeable teachers and want to thank them for sharing their experiences, and stories, and knowledge with us.
– Cari Bell
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