Shawnigan Prep

Gathering Strength
Thursday marked Opening Day for Shawnigan Prep, as 15 students (9 boys and 6 girls) from Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan arrived on campus.
Shawnigan Prep alumni lined up to welcome the newcomers and the Headmaster spoke to the assembled students and parents. In his address, Mr. Lamont brought everyone's attention to the Prep's newly chosen emblem, the Dragon, and quoted the Prep's Latin motto: Vires Acquirit Eundo (we gather strength as we go). “This," he said, “is such a fitting message as you move forward in your Shawnigan career.” He also announced that Prep classes would now take place in Shawnigan’s Learning Commons, bringing these students even closer to becoming fully integrated into the life of the main school.
Now in its ninth year, the Shawnigan Prep School is focussed on bridge-building, as students develop their confidence in English and work towards a Shawnigan graduation.
Shawnigan Lake School is an independent boarding school for Grades 8-12 on Canada's West Coast. Our modern, diverse and innovative programming helps shape the next generation of global leaders.