Igniting Hope

Cops for Cancer visit campus
There was an abundance of hope on campus Wednesday. There was hope in the midst of sorrow as many reflected on the impact cancer has had on their lives. There was hope that our recent fundraising efforts will get us one step closer to finding a cure. And hope flashed from hundreds of t-shirts as the School community lined the driveway to welcome the Cops for Cancer to campus.

Our morning began with a few public head-shavings (the majority took place on Tuesday night). After the arrival of the cyclists, we gathered in front of Marion Hall as a group. Heads of School Gareth C. and Mikayla B.-M. welcomed the Tour de Rock to Shawnigan and acknowledged their incredible two-week campaign. Grade 12 student Malcolm S. shared a moving story of how cancer has affected his family. To bring a little levity to the proceedings, the event wrapped up with three prefects receiving pies to their faces, the result of some creative fundraising from Strathcona House.

The past few weeks have seen many fundraising initiatives as students and staff have pledged time, money, and hair.
One grade 12 student even pledged to row 100km on an erg (indoor rowing machine), challenging staff and students to row beside him in 5km relay segments. The grade 12s of Lonsdale’s House put in a spectacular effort, pledging to shave their heads as a group with the hopes of raising $8,000. Through the generosity of their friends, classmates, and families, they raised over $10,000! Overall, the School was able to present a cheque for $30,000 to the Cops for Cancer thanks to the incredible efforts of the School community.

Our annual visit from the Cops for Cancer has become an important element of the school year. It is a time for our community to come together in a unified fight against cancer. It is a time for stories to be shared and for support to be given. And ultimately, it is a time for hope. 
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