Hockey Helps

Serving our community
Shawnigan’s Bantam Prep ice hockey team has been preparing for a special trip over the past month. These young athletes have been diligently collecting gloves, socks, toques, jackets, and toiletries to give to the homeless and less fortunate in Victoria, with the hope that they will help battle the cold, wet days that are now upon us.  

On Sunday, November 17, the team made the much-anticipated trip down to Victoria, with two stops on the agenda. They first visited the Cool Aid Society, a homeless shelter with 86 beds, facilities for storing personal items, and an area that can be used for the personal hygiene of the clients. Upon arrival, the team headed for the area in the shelter designated for the distribution of supplies, where they were able to personally hand out the items they had carefully collected to some of the people in need. “The team was great in engaging with them and helping them find what they needed,” reports Bantam Prep Head Coach Mr. Pollock.

Following their time at the Cool Aid Society, the team made the short trip to the Bay Street Armoury, the venue for the annual Christmas dinner provided by The Mustard Seed Street Church and Food Bank. Here our students helped serve and bus meals for approximately 900 people! The meal included soup, a full turkey dinner (with the ever-popular cranberry sauce), and a variety of desserts followed by tea and coffee. “The boys were fantastic and extremely tired by the end of the night,” said Mr. Pollock. “They were inquisitive with everyone, treated them respectfully, and engaged in conversation with them. It was great to see!”

Thank you to our Bantam Prep ice hockey team for their example of kindness and generosity. May it inspire us all as we head into the Christmas season! 
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