Artistic Teamwork

Grade 10s create movie trailers and more
Several of our grade 10 students were recently challenged to put their creative skills to the test with a unique collaborative assignment. Media Arts 10 teacher, Ms. Solsberg, and Graphic Design 10 teacher, Ms. Urzua, devised a joint final project to end their respective September-January rotations.

Students formed small groups and were tasked with inventing a film studio, complete with a name and a logo of their design. These newly formed studios each created a movie premise and then produced marketing materials – a poster and a trailer – for their hypothetical movie. Trailer making involved writing, filming, acting, editing, and more!

In a Dragon’s Den style competition, each group presented their work in front of their classmates and a panel of judges. With studio names such as Big Daddy Diesel and Fat Cat Films, and movie premises ranging from apocalyptic wolves to high school sweethearts, students really impressed with their creativity, cleverness and proficiency.

Special thanks to the judges, Mrs. Miranda, Mr. Sturrock, Mrs. Gottfried and GAP student Fionnuala, for their thoughtful comments and encouragements. Congratulations to the runners up, Deersworth Studios, with their romantic-drama-thriller Bad Break; and to the winners, Blue Tiger Productions, with their thriller The Janitor.

At the end of the session, Ms. Solsberg and Ms. Urzua surprised the students with a project of their own. Unbeknownst to their students, they had challenged themselves to complete the same project they had assigned to their classes. They created a film studio called Miracle Minds, and produced a poster and trailer for their movie called Soul Rebirth, a fictional story about a new teacher who comes to embody the spirit of Shawnigan. Students were particularly amused to see all of the staff cameos in this film!

Ms. Urzua explained that thanks to the success of this pilot project, they are looking forward to doing it again in a few months, at the end of the second rotation, and plan to make it a regular part of the curriculum. 
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