New Head of Rowing

Calm waters ahead for Shawnigan rowing
Shawnigan Lake School is pleased to announce the appointment of Julie Platt to the position of Head of Rowing.

“Julie brings a wealth of experience to this role as an Olympian, National Team rower and experienced coach,” says Headmaster Lamont. “We are delighted that she will be taking on the continued development of our rowing program for our students, supporting our strong and dedicated team of rowing coaches, and building both a sporting philosophy and highly respected reputation across Canada for rowing at Shawnigan.”

Mrs. Platt began rowing as a high school student herself, through a small club that focused on fun, instilled excellent boat skills, and gave competitive athletes the opportunity to aspire to the National Team. Although small in size, her crew was successful at the national level, with many of the members going on to compete with Rowing Canada. Her introduction to rowing was a positive experience that still brings back many happy memories, and in large part drives her today as a coach.

“I’d like to do the same for Shawnigan Rowing,” she explains. “We want students to be well-coached, have good boat skills, and have the opportunity to develop as far as they want to. That may be a novice experience or it may be national level. Most of all, I want our students to realize that rowing is a sporting option for later in life and for them to have a good experience while they’re in our program.”

Mrs. Platt’s positive experience in high school, coupled with her natural talent and strong personal drive, led to 10 years with Rowing Canada, including trips to the Olympics as an alternate in 1992 (Barcelona) and 1996 (Atlanta). Immediately following her 1996 Olympic experience, she was hired at Shawnigan Lake School as a math teacher, rowing coach, and Assistant House Director.

In her years at Shawnigan, she has given much to the School community and our rowing program. Now, as the new Head of Rowing, she has the opportunity to further shape a program that she already knows well.

“I look forward to creating a fun and yet challenging program where seasoned athletes develop their fitness and skill to higher levels, and the novice ‘haven’t-really-ever-done-a-sport-before’ students can try something new that they might like,” she shares. “We have a history of making very successful rowers out of self-described non-athletes.”

“It will be a busy and challenging role,” she concludes. “I look forward to continuing to develop our inclusive, fun and competitive program here at Shawnigan.”

Congratulations, Mrs. Platt! We look forward to calm waters ahead, knowing the Shawnigan rowing program is in such capable and caring hands. 
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