Kindness from the SOUL

SOUL Seeking project provides care for others
Shawnigan students’ SOUL Seeking projects continue to amaze and delight. What began as a creative alternative to final exams last spring has become a fantastic venue for student passions, producing an incredible array of projects once again this school year.

One such project has seen a Grade 12 student focus her attention on others. She has purchased gallons of peanut butter and jam and dozens of loaves of bread to make sandwiches for hungry people in Duncan and Victoria. Her plan is to make a big batch of sandwiches once a month all year long, with the help of each of the boarding houses and any other group that would like to help out. So far, senior rugby players have come together to make 500 sandwiches and Strathcona House spent time one evening making 200.

Part of the project includes a personalized card of encouragement to go with each sandwich. The messages are simple, from best wishes for the day to prayers and pictures. Each card is signed with the student’s first name for an extra personal touch.

The idea for this project was born from Shawnigan’s Wake-up Wednesdays program, which in years past has seen groups of students and staff heading to Victoria in the early morning hours to help the Dandelion Society distribute food and clothing.

“I used to do Wake-up Wednesdays quite often last year, and I made lots of connections with people,” shares the architect of this project. “I wasn’t able to go down to Victoria myself this year, but I wanted to make sure they were still getting fed. The SOUL Seeking project was the perfect opportunity to do this.” 

She has arranged for drivers to bring the sandwiches to the Dandelion Society in Victoria and to a volunteer in Duncan who distributes the sandwiches.

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