Be my Valentine

A student-run initiative
Valentine’s Day presented a fresh opportunity for entrepreneurship students to exercise their business muscles—in this case, a beautiful Valentine’s meal experience for which student diners could book time slots.

Working alongside Director of Food Services Dustin Setso, the entrepreneurship students worked to create, plan, cook and serve a three-course meal to diners in the beautifully decorated surrounds of Duke’s Café.  

Dessert was served in Mitchell Hall, accompanied by a series of student musical performances, and the experience was completed with an outside bonfire, poetry recitals and a photo booth where students could capture the memory of this uniquely Shawnigan Valentine’s Day experience.

Grade 12 entrepreneurship student Mimi O. was one of the student volunteers who worked to plan the event. “Once we presented an idea everyone could agree with, the entire Entrepreneurship 12 class helped make our vision a reality,” she says. “I helped with the details of the event and putting everything together in the end, while a lot of other students and staff worked on the larger components like ordering decorations and deciding where the dinner should take place. Valentine’s Day came around quickly and the day had its fair share of challenges; however, my job on the day was to help solve those problems and help direct the volunteers so everything could go as smoothly as humanly possible. The event wouldn’t have been possible without all the performers, decorators and servers who volunteered their time on Valentine’s Day. Also, thanks to Ms. Solsberg and Mr. Sturrock the event was special and creative. Overall, the music all the performers added to the dinner experience made all the difference and was absolutely incredible.”

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