SOUL Seeking Showcase

In honour of the ingenuity, commitment and creativity poured into the myriad SOUL Seeking projects conducted by students this year, a celebratory showcase was held in Duke’s last Friday evening. During this event, five winning projects (two junior and three senior) were selected to each receive $500 honorariums.
SOUL Seeking co-coordinator and English teacher Kim Edgson notes that SOUL Seeking encouraged students to explore, research, create, expand, and synthesize while pursuing their passions. “The students used a variety of educational tools to uncover something new and tap into something meaningful,” she explains. “This project compelled students to use a higher level of thinking and to bring real-world application to in-class education in a form of personal cognitive apprenticeship. They exceeded every expectation, and I look forward to the future of this program.”

The SOUL honourees are as follows:

Sissi L. (Grade 10) wrote the first in a series of emotional education books for children. Her first book, “A Journey With Anger” is aimed at children aged 8-12, and helps educate about productive and helpful ways of managing emotions with scenarios for which the reader can choose their own endings.

Harry M. (Grade 9) and Audrey T. (Grade 9) used Shawnigan’s recording studio to record, produce and write songs together. During the dedicated two-week SOUL Seeking period in March they recorded and produced two cover songs, but also grew their skill base significantly, including more advanced recording techniques and time management skills.

Martin G. (Grade 12) created a compilation of over 100 short films made between 2018 and 2021, including travel vlogs, tech reviews and a COVID documentary. Martin’s videos follow him through his life here at Shawnigan and abroad, charting a variety of incredible and diverse experiences and places.

Nathan K. (Grade 12) created The Shawnigan Basketball Association (SBA), a school-wide NBA-style basketball league and the first of its kind at Shawnigan. He created teams, schedules, awards, drafts, captains, an executive committee, and an All-Star event, and his creation helped to fill a pandemic void for many students at the School.

Bea M. (Grade 12) sewed 100 reusable, sustainable sanitary pads for young women in Nepal. The pads she sewed will be sent to Shree Mangal Dvip School, where friend and Strathcona housemate Tenzin L. attended before coming to Shawnigan.

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