SOUL Seeking: Recording studio

For their SOUL Seeking partnership, Grade 9 students Harry M. and Audrey T. utilized Shawnigan’s recording studio to record, produce and write songs together after realizing how effective their respective skills and passion for music could be when combined. During the dedicated two-week SOUL Seeking period in March they recorded and produced two cover songs, and also grew their skill base significantly, including more advanced recording techniques and time management skills.
Music has always played a big part in both students’ lives. For Harry, it was natural that when he came to Shawnigan he would gravitate towards the recording studio. Audrey, who has been composing and song-writing since she was 10, also plays guitar in a co-curricular rock band.

At the beginning of the SOUL Seeking process, they worked together all the time. “A musical partnership requires the two people to be in sync,” Audrey says, noting that she and Harry often have the same gut instincts about things and share a very similar mindset regarding the music they are creating.

This synergistic start was then followed by an interim period where they branched off to focus on their own particular goals—Harry working on the technical side of audio recording around the School and producing music for others, and Audrey focusing on her creative skills and learning more about song structures to help her composition. During the focussed SOUL Seeking time in March they came together again to record covers of Homesick by Dua Lipa and Cough Syrup by Young the Giant, putting all their newly gained knowledge, expertise and shared passion to work.

“I was so glad I could do something for SOUL Seeking that I was passionate about,” shares Audrey. “Harry is one of my best friends, so it’s been great to share what we love, and to grow as a musician and learn so much. I’m going to keep going and building my skills—there’s so much more to learn. Wherever I go in my life, composing and song writing will always come with me. It’s a special thing.”

Harry is keen to pursue the challenge laid down by Assistant Head, Co-Curricular and SOUL Seeking judge Nigel Mayes at the showcase: to create a record label for Shawnigan Lake School. He plans on working on that goal over the summer, with the hopes of further building his skillset in preparation for a career in the recording industry.

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