CSI: Shawnigan

Read all about an exceptionally creative and hands-on conclusion to AP Biology, colourfully recounted by science teacher Mr. Wilke:
Heinous crime committed in the Shaw Science Centre

In the wee hours of May 20, 2021, Mr. Wilke opened up the Shaw Science Centre for early morning tutorials. Much to his horror, the cookies that had been placed in the lobby of the building for students had been stolen. He quickly cordoned off the crime scene and called the AP Biology class into action. Having completed their AP exam the previous Friday, the class was ready and willing to complete a crime scene DNA analysis of the area. The students took samples of DNA around the remaining cookie crumbs. AP Biology students canvassed anyone who was seen in and around the area in the early dawn. A witness, who wanted to remain anonymous, testified: “I saw Mr. Lamont and Mr. Clinton-Baker separately at different times loitering around the Shaw building on the morning of the 20th.”

Under intense questioning by AP Biology students, Mr. Lamont acquiesced and submitted a DNA sample for analysis. Mr. Clinton-Baker was very compliant and was eager to clear his name. The students then subjected the teachers’ DNA to an electrophoresis analysis along with the crime scene DNA. Comparison of the DNA samples provided unequivocal proof of Mr. Lamont’s guilt and Mr. Clinton-Baker’s innocence. When confronted with the indisputable evidence, Mr. Lamont said: “I was hungry after my early morning walk. I saw the cookies through the window and thought, ‘hey, why not?’” The mystery was solved and Mr. Wilke will in future put any cookies intended for students away every night.

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