There is always something new and exciting going on at Shawnigan Lake School, and for our Communications, Arts, Sciences and Entrepreneurship (C.A.S.E.) program, which encourages innovation in the Applied Arts, that couldn’t ring more true after two new purchases made possible by C.A.S.E. donors and the Bradley Family Foundation. A new white toner transfer printer, as well as a plotter printer, have been put to the test by our students with great results. The white toner transfer printer allows the Digital Arts students to take their artwork and print it onto T-shirts and Hoodies. It has provided the students with extra motivation resulting in better and more thoughtful artwork as well as a physical medium in which to display their designs. Graphic Arts inherently tend to stay digital, and this new printer has meant the students have a fun way of bringing their designs to life for others to enjoy too.
On the other hand, the plotter printer can print on rolls of glossy, semi-gloss or matte paper 24” wide and as long as you could feasibly manage! It means banners can be created right here on campus and that our Digital Arts students can make prints of various sizes in a much more efficient way than a conventional printer can. The ability to have their digital images come to life at the click of a button is allowing our students to push their creativity to the limits and express themselves in new ways.
The benefits of equipment like this are boundless. Not only can students' illustrations and creations become tangible, but it can allow for students who wish to start their own clothing company to create samples, and if an event at the School only requires a small number of specially-printed shirts, they can now be produced right here on campus. For those who are needing prints of their photography, not only can they now print large images, but multiple jobs can be done together and much quicker than a small single-sheet printer.
Student appreciation for this new equipment is evident, and their work is now displayed in new ways across campus. Below is a small selection of quotes from students benefiting from the generosity of our C.A.S.E. donors.
"Thank you so much for the gift, it brought forward lots of inspiration and filled many of us with creativity because it gives us a purpose when doing our digital illustration." - Keaira H. ‘23
"This allowed me to really be motivated in class." - Daniel M. ‘22
"I loved how my creation had come to life. The shirt printing in digital art is a very unique touch and it also makes drawing very rewarding!" - Yumi L. ‘23
"It makes me proud to show off what I made." - Lauren C. ‘24
“I've never created a shirt of my own design before, when I realized that I could do it in class, I immediately thought of creating a shirt that reflected my hobby and things I like. Thank you for providing us with the resources that we need to create our own T-shirts based on our own design.” - Daniel S ‘25

“I was very happy that I would be able to wear my artwork and share it with friends in a different way than a picture. It is meaningful to me because I can wear my shirt around, proud to be wearing something that I made. Thank you for gifting us with this machine, I appreciate that I have the opportunity to wear my artwork.” - Emma H. ‘25
C.A.S.E. is all about creativity, innovation, solving real-world problems, and turning ideas and projects into solutions that fulfill a need in society. With Project Future, the School’s strategic plan, calling for “creativity, inquiry-based learning, independence, initiative, and a greater sense of autonomy and agency in students” these new printers are helping us develop student pathways to meaningful future careers. We are grateful to our C.A.S.E. donors for making all of this possible and send special thanks to the Bradley Family Foundation for the matching grant program* that they fund each year in support of C.A.S.E. Stay tuned for more information coming soon on our plans for a new Innovation and Creativity Centre at Shawnigan.
*Did you know that all donations to C.A.S.E. are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Bradley Family Foundation up to a total of $100K each year? Click here to donate today.

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