Pi Day Celebrations

Pi Day 2023 took place exactly one week before the official day – Pi Day is officially on March 14 (3.14), and always falls over Spring Break. PI-natas, co-curricular activities, a special Pie lunch, and our third Annual Pi Recital Contest were the highlights of this year's celebrations.
Well done to all those students who embraced this niche celebration, members of Strathcona and Kaye's, who won the piñata competition, Mr. Setso and his team for the Pi Day lunch, Ms. Urzua and her 360 group for their Pi art, Dave P. and Max C. for adjudicating the Pi Contest and, finally, three new Pi Legends who join the Hall of Fame for their performance in the Pi Recital Contest – Bea H. (Renfrew – 103 digits), Shannon C. (Renfrew – also 103 digits) and this year's winner, from Ripley's House, Mike G. with 240 digits.
If you are reading this on the first Tuesday of Spring Break, Happy Pi Day.

– Mark Swannell, math teacher and Pi Day organizer
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