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A Night at the Observatory

Saturday with the stars

A clear night and warm weather made Saturday an epic night for stargazing.

More than 60 students joined Mr. Nigel Mayes as the Shawnigan Observatory welcomed those looking to catch a glimpse of the heavens.

Jupiter and the International Space Station were both clearly visible, with other, more distant galaxies and nebulae also on display.

Attached photos:

1)       Comet Johnson in Bootes
2)       Crescent Nebula
3)       Eagle Nebula
4)       Lagoon Nebula
5)       Trifid Nebula
6)       Open Cluster
7)       Whirlpool Galaxy
8)       Pinwheel Galaxy
9)       Swan Nebula
10)     Veil Nebula
11)     Aurora and Star trails (Photo by Steven W. and Will H.)
12)     Aurora (Photo by Steven W. and Will H.) 
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