Mackenzie Duncan '01 (Lake's) and Andre (Junior) Ayotte '02 (Lonsdale's)

Mackenzie and Andre started their own furniture business in Toronto - JM & Sons
Mackenzie sent the following update:

"Junior and I snowboarded and did SAR together at SLS so we were already friends. Then we both ended up in Montreal and spent a lot of time together. I moved around a lot and then a few years later we both ended up in Toronto and became inseparable for quite some time.
"Our business started very organically. We had built a bunch of different furniture for our places over the years. The most memorable piece for me was a 9-foot long harvest table I made for a new condo I had moved into wanting to bring some more wood and texture into the new space. It got a lot of attention from friends who came by and then, when I moved out, and was showing the place, a handful of people asked to buy the table. Once Junior had finished his first year of his MBA and wanted to try his hand at entrepreneurship, the company as born.
"I’ve been a bit of a serial entrepreneur since I left SLS. Working on with Junior, and pursuing my own photo/directing career as well as launching years ago with another friend and most recently here in Victoria… and I’ve got a few more in the pipeline!"
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