Nov/Dec. Alumni Gatherings

The Kingston, Montreal, and Ottawa gatherings attracted approximately 10 people each, but in Toronto, more than 35 alums crammed into a small room with Rudy Massimo and Jay Connolly at the Duke of York Pub.
The senior representative in the group, Bruce Pinkerton, graduated from Shawnigan in 1959, and later enrolled son Brett ’99 and daughter, Michele ’94 in the School. At the younger end, several recent grads attended, as well as grads from the 1990s and 2000s. Janet Chow ’75 from Strathcona Lodge School House joined the group again this year. The Kingston get-together brought out current students at Queens University and the Royal Military College of Canada. On Saturday, Rudy Massimo returned to his hometown to meet with Shawnigan grads who are currently attending McGill. Peter Cook ’66 was the senior ambassador in the group. Jay Connolly went north to Ottawa to host a disparate group split between mid-1990s alums and more recent graduates. 
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