Academic Colours

Classroom standouts honoured

Twenty of Shawnigan's leading academics received commendation on Tuesday as the School presented Academic Colours to deserving Grade 12s.

When announcing the winners, Mrs. Wendy Milne, Assistant Head – Academics, posed a series of thought-provoking questions to students hoping to one day earn academics colours ties: "Do you show a love of learning? Do you contribute in class? Do you take responsibility for your own learning and academic growth? Are you working to your potential? Are you a scholar?"

Grade 12 students awarded Academic Colours on Tuesday:

Chloe B.
Lea C.
Zoe C.
Flynn D.
Stefan E.
Hannah G.
Ben H.
Melanie J.
Daryna K.
Scott L.
Nyah M.
Kyle M.
Lena N.
Christina S.
Anna S.
Chris T.
Ivy T.
Bobbi W.
Alexis W.
Colin W.
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