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Robotics Qualifier

Shawkbots come out on top at Mid-Island Challenge
Forty-five teams from across Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland were in Comox on Jan. 20 for the 2018 Mid-Island Challenge VEX Robotics Competition. This qualification event was the fifth competition of the Pacific Youth Robotics Society (PYRS) Robotics season.

This year, teams are aiming to design, build and program robots that can stack and carry cones into a scoring zone on the competition court without toppling the stacks in the process.

Robotics instructors Paul Doig, Jerry Kusters, Ed Taylor and Nigel Mayes took five teams to participate in the Mid-Island Challenge.

“We had three teams in the finals, and two teams in the consolation finals,” reports Mr. Mayes.  “Our consolation finals came in first and second, and one of our teams in the finals ended up as tournament champions—congratulations to them!”

The winning team consisted of Henry Y., Cristoph T. and Josh W. This success advances the trio to the B.C. championships later this year.
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