Grade 8 Fully Charged Conference

Growing up in a digital age
Eleven Grade 8 students travelled to St. Michaels University School in Victoria on Jan. 26 to attend the Grade 8 Fully Charged Leadership Conference.
This conference was organized by Grade 8s for Grade 8s and featured a jam-packed day of workshops and presentations where participants had the opportunity to explore the realities of growing up in a digital age.
In addition to meeting other Grade 8 students from different schools, Coco Z., Erica H., Sebastian S., Gunnar P., Gregor T., Brianna H., Joanna Z., Catherine A., Ruby C., Charlie B., and Grace L. learned about a wide variety of hot-button topics, including digital citizenship, careers in technology, gratitude in a fast-paced age and fake news.
Charlie B. and Coco Z. said that they both felt that attending a successful student-run conference had inspired them to try to plan a similar fun event at Shawnigan and had given them pointers on how a conference should be run. Erica H. also shared she liked the diverse group of people and enjoyed the group activities: “My groups were really fun, as I learned a lot from the group work and took something away from each gathering."

—Submitted by Mrs. Jennifer Hutchins (Grade 8 Program Coordinator)

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