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Ergfest and Monster Erg

Rowing team revs up
On Saturday Feb. 2, Shawnigan hosted the annual Ergfest competition in the Hugh Wilkinson Theatre. Along with our friends from Brentwood, novice rowers had the opportunity to put their winter training to the test in 1000m, 1500m and 2000m ergometer races. Highlights from our Shawnigan competitors include:
Elle L. 2nd in the Junior C girls category
Ana Q. 1st in the Junior B girls novice lightweight category
Adrien S. 3rd in the Junior B boys novice category
Gou L. 2nd Junior B boys lightweight category
On Sunday, Feb. 3, 22 Shawnigan students made their way the University of Victoria to compete in the 33rd annual Monster Erg. With athletes racing in each of the junior categories, Shawnigan was well represented by this group. With numerous personal bests and many lessons about racing learned, the rowers returned from the CARSA gym ready and excited for the spring racing season. Shawnigan highlights include:
Georgia H. 3rd in the Junior B girls category (only 0.3 off of the first place time!)
Gunnar P. and Gregory H. tying for 1st in the Junior C 2xs event.
A full list of results can be found on the UVic Vikes Athletics website.
Next up for the rowers will be the 36th annual Head of Shawnigan Regatta on Sunday, Feb. 18.
—Submitted by Mr. Colin Mattock (Head of Rowing)
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